Book your appoinment for an apostilleAn apostille is a embossed seal attached by the U.K Foreign & Commonwealth Office which confirms that a document has been signed by a authorised notary or other public official.

The reason for the apostille is that on seeing the apostille, the receiving party, whether an individual or a business, can be even more confident that the document has been properly notarised.

The apostille system was created by a treaty called the Hague Convention on the abolition of consular legalisation and many but not all countries have signed the treaty.

However even those countries that have not signed this treaty still require notarisation then apostille, but then also ask for the documents to be stamped at their own embassy.

Essentially, the notary confirms that the person or people signing the document understands it and confirms their identity by seeing passport or other acceptable proof of identity and a bill or other official document to confirm address.

Once notarised, the document then needs to go to the legalisation department of the UK Foreign Office. This is located in Milton Keynes. Documents can be posted there. Visits to this office are no longer possible. The Foreign Office confirms the document has been signed by a notary, and puts on the apostille as proof of that fact.

We are happy to arrange apostilles at either of the two offices the Foreign Office operates- which are located in Milton Keynes and Centre Point in London.

The Centre Point office in London is reserved for notaries and some other businesses.

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